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Why should I go to Bakhsh Chiropractic Clinic?
The answer is quite simple. If you are looking for professional chiropractic care that gives results, Bakhsh Ciropractic Clinic has a GREAT reputation!!! Not only is Dr. Nejat-Bakhsh well educated, he has strong clinical skills and is highly motivated to help his patients maximize their health status. Patients’ complaints of pain are taken seriously, with the treatment being individualized, and the need for patient visits kept to a minimum. Time is money and Dr. Nejat-Bakhsh will only schedule a patient for return visits based on their necessity. It is a no frills approach; do what is necessary to achieve the best results in the most efficient way possible. He does not believe in pushing vitamins or pushing patients through the office to increase his numbers. It is a rare event if a patient is not seen at the scheduled time. Care is given with the utmost compassion, with explanations that allow the patient to make informed decisions on healthcare choices. The clinic is also centrally located in San Antonio and has very flexible scheduling, Monday – Saturday.

What I should expect on the first visit and every visit?
On the first visit to Bakhsh Chiropractic Clinic Inc., each and every patient should expect a thorough exam and review of their history. Please bring in ID cards, updated proof of insurance (if using your insurance) and x-ray/MRI reports, if available. The first exam usually lasts 45 minutes to one hour long. The findings will be explained on a patient friendly level and a treatment plan will be developed. It is important for the patient to know that once the alignment of the joint is corrected, the muscles and ligaments may need a gentle reminder (a specific exercise or therapy) to maintain alignment and balance. Thus the need for further chiropractic visits - these of course, to be determined by Dr. Nejat-bakhsh.

Most patients should go home and rest. If that is not possible, avoid those activities which strain or aggravate your condition. The saying of “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true in this case. Please follow the instructions given for rest, exercises, ice therapy, or follow-up visits. This will help to assist in your recovery back to pre-injury state.

Maintenance Care
Wellness care, as it is usually referred to, are visits made throughout the year, allowing the patient to see the chiropractor while they may not have any specific complaints of pain. This is a wonderful example of prevention as the patient can be checked and adjusted, if necessary, to help maintain their alignment. Although Dr. Nejat-Bakhsh believes in Chiropractic Wellness Care, he is also happy to tell his patients “Call me when you need me.”   Maintenance care is not covered by your insurance unless you have pain and it is considered supportive care.





DTS Mechanical Traction Therapy System
Avoid surgery with "state of the art" mechanical traction therapy system for neck and back.


Hi-Low Elite Table for comfort

Our office has a fully equiped exercise room for range of motion, stablilizing and strengthening exercises.

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